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Andy Coolquitt

bOnniE i LovE (can) YOu, cAn i sEE yOu saT oR SuN LovE jiM

January 15 - February 15, 2010 SF

Abstract sculpture in gallery corner
homemade light fixture
Homemade light fixture
Multiple homemade light fixtures, gallery view
Exhibition Poster

Andy Coolquit
b0nniE i LovE (can) YOu, cAn i sEE yOu saT or SuN LovE jiM
January 15th - February 15th, 2009
Jack Hanley Gallery, San Francisco


The Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to annonce an exhibit of work by Andy Coolquit. The show will include new work by the Austin, TX and New York-based sculptor.

Coolquit reconstructs found objects into illuminated installations that suggest their own quiet universe. These stark sculptures, fashioned from old pipes and urban debris, together create a minimal interior setting that call to mind "temporary living spaces" and a kind of makeshift domesticity. Despite their humble origins, the pieces of "trash" are utterly transformed under Coolquitt's formal hand. With an almost architectural approach, the artist reinvigorates the discarded materials with new purpose and context. His work is known for blending the realms of urban landscapes, architecture and sculpture.

This is Andy Coolquitt's first show at Jack Hanley Gallery. He is represented by Lisa Cooley Gallery in New York, where he was exhibited in a solo show, iight, in 2008. Coolquit received his BFA from the University of Texas and attended UCLA and University of Texis at Austin graduate programs.