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Bill Owens

January 15 – February 12, 2005

Women applying makeup in the mirror
man on the phone in front of office building
floor with telephone and magazines
small scale statue of liberty
swimming pool

Bill Owens
945 Sun Mun Way
January 15th – February 12th, 2005
Opening reception, Saturday, January 15th, 7pm

Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by photographer Bill Owens.  The exhibition will feature color photographs taken from his cross-country, 12,000-mile trip in 2003.  

The subjects of Owens’s gaze span from the busy, bustling streets of New York’s Time’s Square to a lonely and austere row of shopping carts waiting outside of a Wal-Mart in New Orleans.  As a group, the photographs comprise a view of the American psyche, not excluding the ironic, absurd and beautiful moments.  Owens is well known for his photographic insight – with subjects ranging from the Hell’s Angels fiasco at Altamont and naked, acid-dealing hippies to housewives.   In the late 1960s, Bill Owens began photographing the residents of the new suburban developments in the Bay Area town of Livermore.  His first photo-book, Suburbia, was an instant classic. 

With a recent solo exhibition at the International Center for Photography in New York, Owens proves that his photographs have as much impact over thirty years later