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Dean Hughes

June 14 – July 8, 2001

Hughes, paper work with cutout holes
Hughes, brown paper work
Hughes, brown paper bag with coloring
Hughes, paper bag with crossword diagram inside
Framed paper work of cutout paper dots
Paper standing on column with dots cut out



June 14 – July 8, 2001

Dean Hughes was born in Manchester in 1974 and studied at Chelsea College of Art & Design, London. Hughes works with a range of ordinary, familiar, objects such as paper, rolls of masking tape, and bus tickets. Through his small interventions, the banal materials and rituals of daily life become charged with meaning. Recent exhibitions include Contemporary British Drawings, Sandra Gering Gallery, New York (1997), A to Z,The Approach, London (1998), and Go Away, Royal College of Art, London (1999). Dean Hughes lives and works in Manchester.