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New Paintings By

Tisch Abelow, Ariel Dill, Matthew Fischer, Heather Guertin & Heidi Hahn

October 10 – November 10, 2013

four paintings from New Paintings series
Gallery view of various new paintings
Individual view of watery abstract painting
Five paintings from different artists
gallery view of new paintings exhibition
seven paintings featuring flora, hands, and smiling faces
four abstract paintings
gallery view of paintings from different artists
Closeup of silhouette among colored lines

New Paintings By

Tisch Abelow

Ariel Dill

Matthew Fischer

Heather Guertin

Heidi Hahn

October 10- November 10, 2013

Opening Thursday, October 10, 6-8 pm


Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of work by five New York-based painters;

Tisch Abelow, Ariel Dill, Matthew Fischer, Heather Guertin and Heidi Hahn. This show exhibits a

diversity of approaches to painting by young, emerging artists.

Hahn’s soupy images recall memories from a dream, captured moments that would otherwise

materialize into something tangible and then slip away. Fischer’s have a similar unfolding narrative

quality with no arch or discernible conclusion.

Dill’s brushstrokes evoke automatic drawing, her brushstrokes organizing organic matter from a

nuanced stroke. If Fischer and Hahn abstract the ‘real’ world Dill gives life to abstract forms. Gurtin’s

heavy surfaces are interrupted by one urgent stroke emerging from the underbrush.

Abelow’s anthropomorphized cast of saxophones and palettes holds audible enthusiasm with no tonal

gradation, just notes pitted against notes.


Review of New Paintings By in The Observer, October 15, 2013