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Online Group Exhibition

Benefit Exhibition for Doctors Without Borders

April 14 – May 1, 2020

Alain Biltereyst individual shot, blue and white abstract work
Alain Biltereyst red and white abstract piece, individual shot
Roger Herman abstract piece, multicolor work and mixed media on linen canvas, close up shot
Roger Herman ceramic vase, green and yellow
Roger Herman, green and yellow ceramic piece
Elizabeth Jaeger, ceramic piece, nude woman gesturing
Jess Johnson paper print, geometric shapes
Jess Johnson work, Tapewurm Tranquiliser, blue and silver
Emma Kohlmann work on paper, two figures, blue and pink
Emma Kohlmann work, blue dog with scales
Nikki Maloof oil painting, fish cut up into thirds on picnic table
Nikki Maloof oil painting, showing cat laying on yellow couch
Black and white cases with flowers against blue and white background panel
Black and white vase with flowers
Marie Lorenz piece, showing an assortment of shapes and items on white background
Still from Marie Lorenz video installation, garbage flowing down water
Danielle Orchard oil painting, woman in bathtub with book
Oil painting showing two women in a pool with playing cards
Metal sculpture with hole in the center, holding rolling pins
Jeff Williams sculpture of yellow dust pan