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Shaun O'Dell

Mythoprismatic Extraction Stratigraphy from the Confluence at Titusville Deluge

January 9 – 31, 2004

image of forest on white landscape
abstract design with fox head, blue lines, and ocean
orange hued coyote

Jack Hanley Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Shaun O'Dell at our 395 Valencia Street gallery, and an exhibition by Harrell Fletcher at our 389 Valencia Street gallery. Both exhibitions will run from January 9 through January 31, 2004, with opening reception for both Friday, January 9 6:30 to 8:30 PM.

Shaun O'Dell's (San Francisco, CA) ink and couache drawings on paper collage American and colonial portraits, images of wilderness, Native American icons and geometric designs and notions. His work reads like sharp, captivating visual representations of our personal and collective influences, histories, and mythologies . O'Dell writes, "I am creating a personal, symbolic language that can be read as an autobiographical mapping of mythic marratives about humans, nature, time, and the construction of cultural and nationalistic ideologies."