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Danielle Orchard

Chasing Red

October 23 - November 21, East Hampton, NY

Close up of red hued painting featuring table and various objects
Painting of person reclining and looking in the mirror
Painting of woman with head on table
Painting of nude women looking in makeup mirror
Painting of sideways vase
Installation view of red hued paintings featuring women
Installation view of red hued paintings featuring women
Installation view of red hued painting
Installation view of red hued paintings featuring women

Jack Hanley Gallery East Hampton is pleased to present Chasing Red, a solo exhibition by Danielle Orchard. The new paintings and works on paper depict scenes of nudes and semi nudes: between fallen over vases, empty wine bottles and bowls of fruit, women glance at themselves in the mirror. Absentmindedly, the female figures here seem succumbed to ennui, their eyes drift into space, escaping their present settings and the poses they take on.

Their gazes are introverted and averted from the viewer. While referencing visual language of modernist paintings the women in Orchard’s painting don’t pose for their male painters anymore. Instead, they seem to take on performative gestures and acts that have entered the collective memory through art, fashion and pop culture.

In a play with formal elements of modernist movements at the beginning of the 20th century, such as cubism, fauvism or German expressionism, Orchard embeds contemporary narratives into figurative painting history while raising questions about the representation of the female body.


Danielle Orchard (b. 1985 in Michigan City, IN) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a MFA from Hunter College, New York. Orchard has exhibited in the United States and internationally, most recently at Perrotin, Seoul. Group exhibitions include D.C Moore Gallery, New York, The Journal, New York and V1, Copenhagen Denmark. Among others, her work has been reviewed in The New Yorker and The New York Times.


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