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Elizabeth Jaeger


October 10 – November 9, 2014

Elizabeth Jaeger 'six-thirty' installation view
Elizabeth Jaeger 'six-thirty' installation view
Elizabeth Jaeger 'six-thirty' installation view
Elizabeth Jaeger, 'Dog 1' sculpture individual view
Elizabeth Jaeger 'six-thirty' installation view
Elizabeth Jaeger, closeup of 'Vessel Sink Vanity'
Elizabeth Jaeger 'six-thirty' installation view
Elizabeth Jaeger, 'Louie (Dog 9),' individual view

Six-Thirty: dawn or dusk; the liminal space between start and end. A domestic scene alludes to an evasive narrative. Used ceramics, stained by an evaporated liquid. Empty chairs, and a single cot, slump from an earlier weight, their hairy hide not fully appropriated from its animal origins. Beneath, behind, the fans whirl on, moving stale air around an empty room - their low oscillating hum gently croons like a siren in the distance. A beast, a tool, and a symbol of companionship, the dog recognizes distress before we are made aware of it. Without the cacophony of consciousness, their anxiety is tethered to the signs of their owner’s body. Their knowing gaze foreshadows our own tragic dramas, before we are able to recognize and articulate what has happened.


Six-Thirty is the artist’s first solo exhibition with Jack Hanley Gallery.


The opening reception will feature a continuously looping performance, DRAFT, choreographed by Madeline Hollander. A second performance will take place on October 25th, accompanied by live music composed by sound artist Celia Hollander.

Elizabeth Jaeger (b. 1988, San Francisco) lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 


Recent group exhibitions include; “Night Tide” at Gallery Diet (Miami), “Border Patrol” curated by Jesse Greenberg, Loyal (Malmo, Sweden), “Where the Sun Don’t Shine” curated by 247365, Interstate Projects (Brooklyn), “Paging Yolanda” Johannes Vogt (New York), and “Devout Sacrilege”, Gallery Studio St St (Berlin). Recent solo and two person exhibitions include; “Music Stand”, Eli Ping Frances Perkins (New York), “Rich With Nothing”, Hungry Man Gallery (San Francisco), “YESWAY”, Carhole (Portland). 


Published books include, “Eros C’Est La Vie” (2013, Totem) and “How Other People See Me” (2011, Publication Studio). Additionally, Jaeger co-founded and operates Peradam, a publishing house specializing in artists’ books,with Sam Cate-Gumpert.


Elisabeth Jaeger in artnet, November 4, 2014

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