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Jeffrey Cheung (left) and Humberto Ramirez (right)

Jeffrey Cheung and Humberto Ramirez

November 23, 2021 – January 8, 2022

Gallery installation view of several black ceramic pieces

Elizabeth Jaeger


October 21 - November 20, New York, NY

Gallery installation view, including several abstract works featuring rainbows

Alicia McCarthy

September 17 - October 16, 2021, New York, NY

Installation view showing several pieces of art related to dogs

Best in Show

Trisha Baga, Miguel Cardenas, Tyler Dobson, Danny Ferrell, Jan Gatewood, Stephanie Temma Hier, Elizabeth Jaeger, Susumu Kamijo, Sahar Khoury, Zak Kitnick, Emma Kohlmann, Sophie Larrimore, Sean-Kierre Lyons, Nikki Maloof, Maija Peeples-Bright, and Chloe Seibert

Organized by Silke Lindner-Sutti

May 13 - June 19, 2021

Gallery view of Emily Mullin ceramics

Emily Mullin

Get a Room

April 8 – May 8, 2021

Installation view of Johnny Abrahams' works

Johnny Abrahams

In the divinely human state of nobodiness

March 4 – April 3, 2021

Installation view of Margaret Lee exhibition, including abstract paintings and sculptures

Margaret Lee

Bad, Immediately

January 7 – February 13, 2021

Black bird sculptures posed on walls

Elizabeth Jaeger

before making profound statements use a pencil with a good eraser

November 20, 2020 – January 2, 2021

Installation view of group exhibition

NADA Miami (In New York)

Susumu Kamijo, Nikki Maloof, Alicia McCarthy, Keiko Narahashi, Danielle Orchard

November 20, 2020 – January 2, 2021

Installation view showing four paintings and wooden bench with engravings

Emma Kohlmann

Glowing In The Dark

October 15 – November 14, 2020

Installation image of paintings featuring poodles

Susumu Kamijo

Lick Me Till Dawn

September 9 – October 11, 2020

Close up of Jess Johnson artwork

Online Group Exhibition

Benefit Exhibition for Doctors Without Borders

April 14 – May 1, 2020

Installation image showing hanging jackets, bench, and wall projections of people standing

Cortney Andrews

I See You

March 6 – April 5, 2020

Installation photo of Danielle Orchard exhibition, showing several oil paintings

Danielle Orchard

Mother's Magazines

January 30 – March 1, 2020

Alicia McCarthy installation image

Alicia McCarthy

December 19, 2019 – January 26, 2020

Installation view of Horology exhibition, featuring a number of small scale works from different artists


Organized by Elizabeth Jaeger and Silke Lindner-Sutti

November 14 – December 15, 2019

Gallery view of desk and chair sculptures

Meredith James

Shadows on the Wall

October 11 – November 10, 2019

Jess Johnson Installation view with prints, tapestry, and virtual reality

Jess Johnson

Panspermia, Sing Omega

September 6 – October 6, 2019

Alain Biltereyst abstract works on gallery walls

Alain Biltereyst

Leaving The House

July 11 – August 16, 2019

Jane Cooling Installation view

Janet Cooling: 1978-1982

Curated by Ashton Cooper

May 31 – June 30, 2019

Installation view of pieces from Body Count exhibition

Body Count

April 25 – May 25, 2019

Nikki Maloof gallery view featuring several large oil paintings

Nikki Maloof

Caught and Free

March 21 – April 20, 2019

Gallery view of group exhibition


Cortney Andrews, Hervé Guibert, Elizabeth Jaeger, Bennet Schlesinger, Martin Soto Climent, Quay Quinn Wolf

February 15 – March 17, 2019

Installation view of Hours, with several dyed silk pieces

Elizabeth Jaeger


January 6 – February 10, 2019