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Tasha Amini

November 26, 2005 – January 1, 2006

painting of woman bending backwards next to rainbow
Painting of woman on guitar case
Painting of woman with flora
Painting of girl with braided hair
Painting of rope made of flowers
Small painting of leafy vegetable

Tasha Amini
November 26th – January 1, 2006
Opening reception:  Saturday, November 26th, 6 – 9pm

The Jack Hanley Gallery in Los Angeles is pleased to present the first American solo exhibition by London-based painter Tasha Amini.  

Simultaneously evoking classical painting and psychedelia, Amini interweaves female figures into surreal landscapes through a series of interlocking narratives that are only partially revealed, with specific details missing or rubbed out.  Often overlaid with enigmatic props such as ribbons, rainbows and sashes, the figures appear obscured or detached; but there is an obvious tenderness in her portraits that feels at times both lyrical and melancholy.  

Amini uses photographs only as a starting point for her works as they are quickly transformed by her deliberately limited palette.  

Her work has been exhibited in London at the Kate MacGarry Gallery.